Retail-Ready Corrugated Speeds Products—From Factory to Store Shelf and Then to Consumer

Most supermarket trips involve corrugated cardboard.

And increasingly, it’s retail- and shelf-ready packaging. The beauty of this packaging is that it lets stores easily pull a box from a pallet, crack open the container along a perforated section, remove just the top portion of the container, and then load the box bottom with its contents directly onto a shelf.

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Retail-ready packaging helps consumers find the products they’re looking for more intuitively because high-quality packaging design integrates visually with the contents. And, just as important, these packages help retailers shelve goods efficiently, minimizing repetitive strain and maximizing speed.

A key element of this innovative use of retail corrugated is that it focuses on end-to-end packaging as part of a complete logistics system, not merely a way to transport products from a factory’s shipping bay to a store’s delivery dock.

At Pack Expo 2019, we visit with Delkor Systems, an automated packaging and packing company in St. Paul, Minnesota, to find out about the latest innovations and trends in retail-ready corrugated packaging.


  • Rick Gessler, VP of Engineering, Delkor Systems

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