Innovative New Features Make Paperboard Healthcare’s Unsung Hero

Innovations in sustainability, counterfeit protections and design elements continue to make paperboard packaging popular for prescription and over-the-counter products in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry.

The development of completely recyclable paperboard packaging—including the paperboard, the inks and the adhesives—as well as the ability to add features for validating that a product is not counterfeit make the packaging ideal for healthcare products.

We talk with experts at Pack Expo 2019 in Las Vegas about the latest developments in paperboard packaging that make it attractive to both health product manufacturers and consumers alike.

Today, for instance, packaging makers like Colbert Packaging of Lake Forest, Illinois, produce fully recyclable packaging that also has unique features to validate the product’s source.


  • Lon Johnson, SVP, Business Development, Colbert Packaging
  • Dan Malenke, President, PKGPRO

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