Drawn to Paper: The Science and Allure of Paper Packaging

Why are humans drawn to paper packaging? Haptics, permanence, sustainability—to name a few. People like using paper-based packaging and still turn to it for protection, premium feel and aesthetics.

At Clemson University, teams of professors and students focus on the science of packaging, digging into the data about how people respond to packaging and using that to help brands create more engaging packaging.

We visit their booth at Pack Expo 2019 and talk with them about how data-driven packaging will evolve and why people will continue to embrace both corrugated and paperboard packaging.


  • R. Andrew Hurley, Associate Professor of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences, Clemson University
  • Sarah Mannsell, Student, Clemson University
  • Rebekah Pereira, Student, Clemson University
  • Haley Appleby, Packaging Science Lecturer, Clemson University

For all our coverage from the show, go to How Life Unfolds® at Pack Expo 2019

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Print out this Motivate poster today!

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