On-Demand Packaging and How to Achieve the ‘Goldilocks’ Box

Why is it so hard to make a corrugated packing box the right dimensions? Why does it matter?

The costs associated with an oversize box, whether for one or several items, start with the added packaging material, filling material and shipping expense. But those are just the most obvious costs. There’s also the experience for the consumer, which comes at a price for a business, too.

We talk to experts in on-demand packaging to better understand why and how to create the right-size box every time and the value that has for sustainability, cost-efficiency and, ultimately, delivering a good consumer experience.

Learn how on-demand packaging takes advantage of technology to automate the creation of more densely packed boxes, resulting in fewer overall packages and greater cost savings.


  • Hanko Kiessner, CEO, Packsize
  • Dan Malenke, President, PKGPRO

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