As You Plan Your Wedding, Be Sure to Look Ahead to Your Paper Anniversary


It might seem very far in the future, but most brides-to-be would be surprised at how quickly their matrimonial journey will travel from engaged to married to one year of wedding bliss. And there’s no denying it: that first wedding anniversary is something special. A milestone that must be marked in a way worthy of celebrating a couple’s first married year together. We did it.

Traditionally, the first anniversary calls for the couple to exchange gifts of paper, but in these modern times, that can be so much more than just a greeting card. It’s also something to keep in mind while planning the nuptials, as many elements of today’s weddings can be repurposed to make a unique keepsake. If you’re in the throes of planning, here are a few ideas to keep in mind when looking ahead one whole year past the big day.

  • Special deliveries: If you’re trying to decide on invitations, go for the gold (leaf!) when it comes to your stationery suite. A beautiful framed invitation is the perfect piece of custom art for any couple’s home.
  • Right (and write!) from the heart: Speaking of invitations, keep a few extra and write first-year musings on the back for a card that you won’t find in any store.
  • Make it exclusively yours: Consider having a custom monogram or logo on your invitations. You can always return to the same stationer and ask them to create a set of couple’s stationery or return-address stamp using the same design.
  • Love blooms: Have the bartenders save those extra cocktail napkins. Around the one-year mark, do a web search on origami flowers and fold up a bouquet that won’t ever wilt.
  • A list for forever: Writing your own vows? Hopefully at some point during the wedding day either you or your best man or maid of honor will remember to save the actual pieces of paper they were written on. Instead of keeping them tucked in a box, have them mounted and framed as a daily reminder of your promises to one another.