Personalize Your Holiday Gifts with Cardboard

Custom Christmas Gift Boxes

What’s better than a thoughtful gift? A thoughtful gift in a beautiful and personalized gift box. Custom gift boxes are not the sole territory of marketers. They are the perfect targeted packaging for holiday merry makers (and the perfect solution for the lesser crafty gift givers among us.)

Thanks to many artisans, such as the ones found on Etsy, you don’t have to buy them in bulk from specialized companies. We’ve rounded up a few styles of personalized gift boxes to fit almost any present.

  • Don’t limit yourself to boxes especially made for Christmas or Hanukah. Often marketed as bridal gift boxes, giving the gift of baked goods is easy with these brown cardboard favor boxes that come in many sizes. These individually designed boxes won’t just let the recipient know it is especially for them, but lets others know these treats aren’t for everyone.
  • Hat boxes are a favorite collectable box, and they are not just for hats. How adorable would a gift of ornaments be if they’re nestled in a hat box stamped with Happy Holidays? The perfect gift with the perfect storage box.
  • If general holiday greetings are not for you and you want to go off script, many shops can tailor your sentiments up to 999 characters.
  • The most wonderful aspect of a personalized keepsake cardboard box is that no matter what your talents for giftwrapping, your gift will be a knockout. Deck out the box a little more by choosing one that includes its own custom ribbon and bows.
  • Gift cards are a popular gift for good reason, whatever present is purchased with them is exactly what the recipient wants. But for those gift givers who really want to personalize the often least personalized of presents, forget the envelope and look into specialized gift boxes that are just the right size.

So as the season of gift-giving draws near, have your presents stand out under the tree with a little extra love from a personalized gift box.