Order Up! Food Subscription Boxes Have a Cuisine for Every Taste

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Food subscription boxes — they’re what’s for dinner. Delivery of subscription meal kits has exploded into a $1.5 billion-dollar market as the fast-growing trend pops up on dinner tables across the nation as more consumers find reasons to love these boxes.

First and foremost, food subscription boxes make cooking easier by taking the shopping and prepping of ingredients off our to-do lists. The boxes offer us the opportunity to test and sample recipes we might not try normally. But the benefits of these boxes are more than just making meal preparation easier.

Home economics classes aren’t as ubiquitous as they once were, and there are whole generations that only know how to take-out or heat up. Food subscription boxes and meal kits just may be the next step in the evolution of cooking.

Melissa Abbott of the Hartman Group, a food and beverage research firm and consultancy, told The New York Times that Millennials say, “these meal kits are teaching them how to cook so they can participate in the conversation and feel empowered.”

Michael Pollan, author of Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, also told The New York Times that he counts meal kits as a positive development in cooking culture. “They are teaching very valuable lessons to people,” he said. “Whether this is a step in a process or an enduring solution to a problem, I don’t know the answer to that.”

And like most subscription boxes, meal kits have that added dash of anticipation and surprise. Katie Kelly Bell, a contributor to Forbes, compared 10 meal subscription boxes, writing they are “so much fun, and never gets old opening the box to see what’s for dinner … it is like Christmas at dinnertime.”

And when it comes to taste, there is a cuisine, category and curated box for everyone. Explore the different meal kits and read reviews at My Subscription Addiction and Cratejoy, or check out just a few roundups from Buzzfeed, Best Products and InStyle.

Bon appétit!