National Wedding Month: Subscription Boxes for Busy Brides-to-Be


February is National Wedding Month, and whether you're months or weeks away from your Big Day, there's a subscription box to help you along the way.

Now that you've got the ring, you know that brides-to-be face an onslaught of products and decisions to make. If you thought choosing a life partner was daunting, boy, are you in for a wild ride.

Luckily, these days there are a multitude of ways to simplify the process. Enter the wedding subscription box: a box of goodies tailored especially for the bride-to-be that’s delivered right to your door each month. So what’s inside? One such service, The Bride Box, says the boxes include “surprise bridal gifts such as beauty products, handmade items, DIY projects, and more.” Tulle La La, which bills itself as a “luxe” bride box, calls its service a bride's“wedding journey BFF.”

It’s a concept that’s jumping on the trend of other subscription-based box services, such as the pioneering Birchbox, which offers a variety of beauty product samples, or Barkbox, which includes toys and treats for your dog.

Think of it as someone else taking the time to sift through the zillions of wedding options – be it favors, bridal party gifts, thank-you cards and more – and narrowing things down to a selection of curated highlights. Having someone else do the work for you? It’s an appealing choice to many brides, the majority of whom may not have the funds to hire a pricey wedding planner. As StudioWedBox says, it’s “the closest thing to having a pocket wedding planner at your side to help you create the best wedding that you could dream of.” The service boasts 12 months of items to help plan a wedding from start to finish.

While they won’t help you choose a caterer or florist, these boxes will provide options for all of those fun “extras” – the little things that help make the event memorable. Because after all, everyone knows it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.