Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Muuahhahahah! Halloween is almost here, but if you haven’t figured out a costume yet, don’t worry—you’re not alone. In fact, we’ve heard that some people are getting desperate for ideas and are resorting to asking Siri for help! Have no fear: We have some quick, low-cost, homemade Halloween costume ideas you can create with some cardboard, a little creativity and 10 minutes of free time. Now, bring on the tricks and treats!

Who’s Hungry?

Dress in yellow, grab two square pieces of cardboard, cut out a few holes and you're cheese & crackers. How appetizing!

Life Imitates Art

Take a large flat rectangle piece of cardboard and cut out a hole big enough for your head. Now you're a wall ornament. So artsy!


Cut out two large circles of cardboard and draw clocks on each one. Attach a strong piece of rope in a loop to each clock that you can put over each shoulder. Wear a clock on each arm facing out and you are now "walking through time."

Whatever you decide to be, remember that paper-based packaging is always there to be your creative partner-in-crime. Homemade costumes are always a crowd pleaser, so go, grab some materials and get inspired.