Introducing the Newest Push-Your-Luck Game – “Party Bites”

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“Party Bites” is a simple, NEW push-your-luck game that Mayfair Games is considering for publication in 2017. It’s officially in prototype stage, meaning that you are among the first to try it out!

Party Bites takes about ten minutes to play. It envisions you at a party, eating snacks, greeting friends and getting drinks for others. But, as the spills begin to add up, the end of the party gets closer and closer. And if you collect too many snacks, you have to share with the other players.

What you'll need to play the game!
Download everything you need to play the game!

Originally, Party Bites was going to be a game with chips, either cardboard tiles or plastic chips drawn from a bag on your turn. But, as a game company, we absolutely love paper playing cards. They are easy to print, can contain a lot of information in a small space, and it’s an item that everyone knows how to use. Cards give us more room for art and hold up well over multiple plays. There are so many ways to use cards in a game: they can be the board, they can show actions you can take, they can act as a randomizer in the same way as dice, they can provide different information on each side of the card…the list goes on. We decided that paper cards make for a better game experience.

In partnership with the Paper & Packaging Board’s How Life Unfolds ® campaign, we’re making this file available to you! You can use the cards that are available at the links above, print out the pages, and then cut out the individual cards. (Tip: You might consider purchasing plastic card sleeves online or at a local game store to protect your paper cards and inserting a traditional playing card to stiffen it, making it easier to shuffle and hold.)

Want to add more or different cards? Write them up and add them to your deck! Think something isn’t quite right? Cross out the old game information and write in your own! We’d love to hear what you think. Share your thoughts and suggestions with Mayfair Games on Facebook and Twitter.

Please note: all suggestions become the property of Mayfair Games, and that lots of people, both as part of this campaign and on our staff, often suggest similar ideas for improvement. We’ll certainly try and credit people that give us unique and exciting ideas that make the game better!

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