The Age of Printed Photos is Here to Stay

Printed photos

Printing photos isn't dead - it's better than ever!

At least according to an article by Digital Trends. Today, it's easy to snap and view photos. Remember, back in the day, when you had to get photos developed to see how your vacation pics turned out? We definitely didn't waste film taking dozens of selfies just to see which one was frame-worthy.

Although the number of photos taken have increased by 1.12 trillion since 2000, the number of pictures printed has decreased. That doesn't mean we are no longer printing. It just means we've shifted from printing large quantities of photos to selecting a few quality ones. And technology has actually helped in this movement. Digital printers and the latest Polaroid cameras all give us the ability to produce high quality prints from our own home. So instead of printing off a bulk of photos, we are now inclined to take time selecting and transforming our pictures into works of art to proudly display on our walls.