The Wonderful 'Magic Trick' of Cursive Writing


It’s no secret that if you want to remember something, then you should write it down. But maybe you should write it down in cursive. More schools are putting new importance on cursive – and its benefits – and making sure it’s part of the curriculum. “Cursive is a special kind of motor challenge because the goal is to put all the letters together of a word with very little lift and touch (of the pen),” Rand Nelson, president of Greensburg-based Peterson Directed Handwriting, tells “Each new word is like a brand new magic trick.” Nelson also says orders for cursive-instruction models are on the rise, with clients from 15 years ago coming back. Writing things down isn’t just a great memory exercise. In an age where e-mail is king, writing a handwritten letter is an easy way to stand out – in both personal and business correspondence. Writing a thank-you note or memorandum is something that doesn’t take much effort, but will set you worlds apart and is sure to get you noticed. So the next time you want to stand out from the crowd, pick up a crisp note card or piece of paper, write down your thoughts and sign your name with a flourish!