Celebrating National Reading Month

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Every year, many school-aged children celebrate National Reading Month by celebrating the birthday of the beloved author Dr. Seuss. If you walk into any school this month, you will probably see images, photos, books and more of The Cat and The Hat, Green Eggs and Ham or The Lorax scattered about in the best possible way. You will find children gathered around in a circle listening to their teacher read from a book full of bright, colorful pages. You might also see students on the floor flipping through pages of books you remember reading as a kid.

Reading from printed books are not only enjoyable, they might even be scientifically important for children. This New York Times story quotes pediatrician Dr. Pamela High, who said: “There’s a lot of interaction when you’re reading a book with your child. You’re turning pages, pointing at pictures, talking about the story. Those things are lost somewhat when you’re using an e-book.”

Plus, reading a paper book is not only nostalgic for adults, but important, too!

With all this celebration around reading and Dr. Seuss, we kicked off March with a fun, innovative vocabulary series. Some words are real and some are made up but all convey the love we have for paper! Take a look and share a word of your own.