The Lost Kitchen: Reservations à La Carte

Please Pick Me to eat at the Lost Kitchen

When is the last time you mailed in a restaurant reservation? It’s a thing at The Lost Kitchen restaurant in Freedom, Maine, and paper is the best tool you’ll need to land a coveted reservation. 

The Lost Kitchen grew out of owner Erin French’s home kitchen in 2013 where her underground supper club flourished on Saturday nights. By 2017, when the endeavor had grown into a full-fledged restaurant, the reservation system was overwhelmed by thousands of calls before tourist season began.

To connect with potential patrons with a moment they could savor, she decided to take reservations only by mail. The humble 3 x 5 paper postcard reconnected this authentic dining experience with patrons who craved good local food and a family dining experience. A piece of paper became the conduit for the start of the one-of-a-kind dining experience.

“What arrived in our mailbox took us completely by surprise,” writes French in her 2019 James Beard–nominated cookbook,  The Lost Kitchen: Recipes and a Good Life Found in Freedom, Maine. “We received cards from all over Maine, across the country and around the world. Cards with poems. Cards with paintings and pen-and-ink drawings.”

For complete instructions on submitting a reservation request to The Lost Kitchen, visit the restaurant’s website.