Great Packaging Makes Your Customers Remember You


NatureBox is a convenient delivery service that has ignited a consumer phenomenon and created an entirely new way to snack. With each box, our Members can choose from more than 100 bold, delicious snacks to have delivered to their doors. Each of our products proudly carries the NatureBox brand, and that means each is free of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or other artificial nonsense like colors, flavors or sweeteners.

You might have seen one of our hallmark bright green and orange cardboard boxes being delivered to your neighbor, friend, or coworker— or, hopefully, even your own home.

But what you might not know is the genesis for NatureBox came from my own struggle with obesity and a longtime passion for food and nutrition. After being overweight my entire childhood, I was able to shed more than 70 pounds during my senior year of high school by eating better and being more active. Although I have kept the weight off for more than a decade now, I struggled to find good-tasting, good-for-you snacks — especially while I was on the go.

So in 2011, I left a great career at a venture capital firm to co-found NatureBox alongside my best friend, Ken Chen. We could not ignore what we saw as a massive opportunity within the direct-to-consumer, food space, which accounted for only 2% of all purchases in the $600B food industry. Because neither of us had any food industry experience, it was a bold decision based on our passion for food and desire to work together. We felt compelled to make it easier for consumers to discover and enjoy smart, delicious snacks, and we saw the potential to improve the way American consumers shop for food.

Since launching NatureBox in 2012, we have raised more than $60 million in funding and cultivated a community of advocates. Today, our company is one of America’s fastest-growing food companies. As our team has gone from just two employees to almost 100 strong and our dedication to bringing more personalization to the food-shopping experience has only grown.

We strongly believe that at the heart of our ability to do this lies our namesake packaging. It is the hallmark of our direct-to-consumer business and one of our most powerful marketing tools. From day one we were adamant that every single box that carried our logo was proudly sourced from American companies. Since then, we’ve constantly evolved our on-pack messaging and branding based on customer feedback.

To us, it is an opportunity to deliver a much-anticipated moment of delight with every box we ship. Each time our Members open a NatureBox, we help them discover new flavors, textures and favorites and provide an easy vehicle for them to share these with friends and family.

Although it might sound simple, packaging details are what put the ‘box’ in NatureBox and they play a major part in our customer experience. Over the years, our Members have transformed their NatureBoxes into all kinds of creative projects: dollhouses, lunch boxes, flower beds, cat toys and more. But thanks to our packaging, they will never forget where the box came from or how they felt when they opened it.