Behind the Scenes of Pod Papers Magazine ... In Stores Now!

Pod Paper

In today’s tech-forward world, putting things down on paper – a love note, a creative idea, a thought-provoking story – makes them even more meaningful. To celebrate the creative impact of analog, we decided to do something a little crazy: take something inherently digital, like a podcast, and turn it into something beautiful, and more permanent, you can hold in your hands.

Available at a Barnes & Noble near you is Pod Papers Magazine, brought to you by the Paper & Packaging Board’s How Life Unfolds ® campaign. Podcasts occupy a unique space in our culture today and are responsible for some of the most important and entertaining stories out there. To highlight their value, we reached out to some of our favorite podcasts like Dear Sugars, Design Matters, Grammar Girl and 99% Invisible and quickly went to work figuring out how to visualize them on paper. We got some help from illustrators like Adam J. Kurtz, and partnered with Brooklyn-based artist Lorraine Nam to create hand-crafted headphones out of paper for our very-meta cover.

Pod Papers came to life with the tactile experience front and center. We used Sappi’s McCoy Silk paper for the cover and added a Soft Touch Coating to enhance the luxurious look and feel of the magazine. The interior pages are Neenah Classic Crest Solar White in Eggshell – the paper is soft to the touch and the texture makes the words pop and colors appear brighter. In the sneak peek images above, the illustrations are done in bold and bright hues to excite the senses.

The artwork featured in Pod Papers complements each podcast. To see the full issue, head to your nearest Barnes & Noble for your free copy... and fall in love with paper all over again.