The Print Hammermill App – A great collaboration between technology & paper!International Paper

Have you ever wished you could print directly from a mobile phone or tablet?  With the Print Hammermill™ app, now you can!

The Print Hammermill app provides the FILE > PRINT functionality that is not commonly built into most mobile devices. It allows you to print directly from a phone or tablet to a wireless printer. Simply go to your Settings menu and turn on wireless; the app will find the closest printer. 

The Print Hammermill app offers much of the same functionality as printing from a laptop computer – you can easily change margins, page orientation, and other settings, right in the app. You can print photos, emails, PDFs, web pages, just about anything right from your phone or tablet. And people should FEEL FREE TO PRINT wherever they are!

The Print Hammermill app is available at no charge from Google Play or the App Store.

The Print Hammermill app was developed for International Paper’s Hammermill® paper brand.