Millions of people travel every day in cramped and uncomfortable positions. Today's solutions (neck pillows and inflatable doodads) don't allow travelers to rest in an ergonomic position, leading to neck and back strain, and are bulky and unwieldy to pack and use. Restful sleep is key to wellness: benefits include increased mental performance, reduced stress, immune system and metabolic benefits, and improved mood. PowerSiesta LLC is on a mission to help travelers around the world be comfortable again. We’re a people-friendly design company with 4 US patents pending behind our revolutionary new product. We love to travel, and we do lots of it for business and leisure. So we knew there had to be a better way to arrive rested and refreshed. Our revolutionary design – with 4 US Patents pending - lets you lean forward to rest or sleep with no neck or back strain. It folds flat for storage, pops up in seconds, and fits anywhere you'd carry a magazine. An optional but very popular add-on is our specially-designed PowerSiesta Pillow that is sized to fit and barely adds to the already compact package. PowerSiesta’s unique construction – made of a high-grade, 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard – also means that it’s printable and can be customized with exclusive designs, advertising to promote travel destinations or company branding. This transforms PowerSiesta from a unique sleep device into a billboard that can be in every traveler’s hands. But PowerSiesta isn’t just about delivering amazing products to travelers everywhere. We are also passionate about making a difference with our success. Built into our business model is a promise to make a donation for every PowerSiesta™ napper sold to children’s shelters around the world, because we believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Our contributions will help more children gain access to a safe place to sleep, with clean water, a warm bed, adequate care and essential benefits. Our founding team, Martina, Luigi and Horacio, comprise engineering, R&D, design, IP, strategy, manufacturing, sales and marketing expertise. We’re passionate about developing solutions to deliver comfort and well-being during short and long trips everywhere. Don’t just take a power nap. Take a PowerSiesta!