Lifeprint is an Augmented Reality photo and video printer that allows you to instantly print your favorite photos and videos from your smartphone -- then watch as your favorite memories come to life in your hands. The magic of Lifeprint is in its Hyperphotos. These Hyperphotos imbed a video inside each photo that’s unlocked with the free Lifeprint app so you can hold your memories in your hands and watch as they spring to life. Think of it like Harry Potter photos, but for the real world (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Through our unique Hyperphoto technology, Lifeprint can print Apple Live Photos, Snapchat, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Animated GIFs, and more.

Additionally, all of Lifeprint’s printers are connected. You can ‘follow’ people in the Lifeprint app and share these real, high quality, photos with your family, friends, and followers by simply printing to any Lifeprint printer in the world. Now sending a real photo to your friends and family is just as simple as sending a text.

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