Climashield®– Recyclable Water-Resistant Corrugated PackagingInternational Paper

Industry research indicates that more than 90 percent of all goods are transported in a corrugated box at one point in their life cycle. International Paper’s corrugated boxes enable world commerce by providing the packaging essential for protecting and shipping all types of goods.

For 20 years, the company has been pioneering recyclable water-resistant coatings with ClimaShield®. International Paper’s Climashield products are essential for cold-storage packaging applications like meat and protein shipments. They also provide great flexibility and functionality in high moisture applications often faced by large fruit and vegetable producers who gather their fresh products from fields and orchards and ship directly to distributors.

Climashield offers compelling benefits: Performance – Provides unsurpassed cold-storage packaging for all meat applications

Recyclability – Meets the Fiber Box Association’s (FBA) certification standard for recyclability and repulpability

Cost Effectiveness – Recyclable boxes can be sold into existing recycled-fiber recovery systems

Compatibility – Works with existing process and packaging equipment