Circuit ScribeCircuit Scribe

If you could draw a circuit, would you use it? Of course, answer kids, who are used to creating everything out of thin air with the swipe of their finger or a few words of code. STEM learning now ranges from high schools electives in Java and Python to elementary school classes on robotics and electronics. Drawing a circuit on paper, thus discovering the basics of conductivity, seems like a logical next step in our ever-evolving technology. Two PhDs had the same idea and launched Circuit Scribe.

Circuit Scribe is the next step after the pencil, the ink pen and the stylus. Now kids simply sketch from point A to point B with the remarkable rollerball pen that uses conductive silver ink. And it’s the best of low-cost yet high quality electronics.

Like TV’s MacGyver, imagine taking a paper clip, a coin battery, an LED and a Circuit Scribe. Kids can quickly build complex circuits with multiple components! Comprehending inputs, outputs and signal processing becomes a fun lesson. Incredibly, students can build circuits and switches in their three-ring notebooks as they doodle!

Circuit Scribe offers Mini Kit, Basic Kit, Maker Kit and Ultimate Kit ranging from $9.99 to $99.99.