Paper and packaging products are so prevalent in our lives, they often go unnoticed. And yet they play a key role in helping us achieve more in life. They give us an outlet for our creativity. They help us solve problems and learn about the world around us. They connect us in thoughtful and meaningful ways, and help us make important contributions to a more sustainable future. So you can feel good about choosing paper and packaging products. Discover the important role paper and packaging play in our lives.

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Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds™ is a promotional campaign from the Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB). Authorized by federal legislation, P+PB was created to administer the Paper and Paper-Based Packaging Promotion, Research and Information Order (also known as the Paper Checkoff), in order to help stem the decline of paper use and increase the demand for paper-based packaging. The Paper Checkoff allows manufacturers and importers of these products to band together for the purposes of promotion, education and research, and joins numerous other agricultural checkoffs that work through the USDA on behalf of their respective industries. For more information, visit